Witsml use in LogScope Mobile

Witsml use in LogScope Mobile

HRP has added the ability to have realtime WITSML feed into LogScope. The menu is extremely simple and follows the following steps. A 5 minute video is below. A template for Baker WITSML is added here.

1) Once in LogScope Mobile tap settings and select WITSML as shown in screen below.

2) You can save your WITSML server by tapping on server and entering the details as shown below: Simply tap on "Add new" from the menu and fill in details as shown below. You can test the link using the Test button at the bottom.

3) Once done is tapped you will be presented with the following screen:

4) Drill down through well bores by tapping on well bore until you are presented with the curve screen.

5) Tap on the Log Mapping and select the logs you want in the feed. You can "Select All" as well. Note that for BAKER RT feed , arrays have to be selected as arrays. On Interact they appear as already array'd curves. Don't worry if you have this screen! You have to "Add New or Add array (Baker only) 

When one adds a curve or many curves the following is presented:

Curves selected will have a tick  next to them and will be permanently associated with the well/project

Once selected press Done and the following Group set up will be presented. 

6) Press Done repeatedly until the following screen is presented.  The blue menu at bottom can be swiped left to reveal the WISTMLl menu. A template such as this one attached can be used.

7) When WITSML menu is tapped you can select "PLAY", "SETUP" or "Update to last" .
 When play is specified it will continually update the plot as data is available. 

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