Sideloading logscope

Sideloading logscope

Windows provides the ability to sideload windows store apps without going to the store. If you require this contact us at

Please ensure that you set the following to Developer mode under setup (gearwheel) in Windows 10


LogScope is a package developed by Harvey Software Holdings PTY LTD (HSH). The main purpose is to allow importation of a LAS file from email or a cloud based service and allow display and annotation of the data before exporting as a PDF or LAS file. 

It is composed of several components which are:

      Graphics Module

      Data export module

      Log analysis module

      Solver module

      Scripting module


The main graphics module reads in a LAS file from email or your favorite cloud service and it automatically loads the file into LogScope using a default template which can be edited and saved.


The log analysis module permits a basic single zone log interpretation to be performed on the data. Any or all of the steps can be executed provided the appropriate logs are available. HSH recommend that the full log analysis suite be run to achieve a balanced result. Supplementary basic unit conversion and linear and logarithmic functionality is included.


The LAS/CSV export module provides the ability to export or email the results to colleagues as well as export and email custom templates to other users of LogScope.

Installation Steps



1)     Once the package is unzipped navigate using Explorer to the LogScope.WS_1.0.0.4_Debug_Test folder.

2)     Run the script Add-AppDevPackage by right clicking and selecting run with PowerShell as per following screen:



3)     Select yes to install


The screen should install and look as follows:




4)     The package on first time installation and every 30 days will ask you to verify and certify the install with the Windows developer library. Use the login created for the Tablet device to authorize the library and install. We believe that this step will be required every 30 days.